Perunika Trio played on Swedish National Radio

Featuring on the same bill with Aphex Twin – and on 8th March at that – is no mean feat! You can listen to the programme on Swedish National Radio’s Kalejdoskop presented by Johanna Olofsson online:

“As a little hommage to International Women’s Day filled this program of music by women and men from around many corners, edges and eras.
Sample-based tracks from the Danish Den Sorte Skole meets unreleased electronica from the Irish genius Aphex Twin and cello excursions with Icelandic Hildur Gudnadottir.

You may take advantage of exclusive, yet unreleased songs by jazz pianist Mathias Landeaus, singer-songwriter Jake Phillips, Lund based Poetized and by brothers Jens and Svante Lodén.

Mongolian Anda Union, Bulgarian Perunika Trio and French Chet Nuneta sings so heart defects. And love’s many faces presented in a mix where, among other Norwegian Radka Toneff, Swedish Grove and New Zealand Fat Freddy’s Drop are included.” (Translation from Swedish courtesy of Google Translate).

Veda Slovena Bulgarian Choir on A World In London with Cultural Co-operation on Resonance 104.4FM

Choral voices, mystic harmonies, wrapped around poetic tales drenched in the rich history and pulsating with the fiery rhythms of Bulgaria….This is the sound of Veda Slovena Bulgarian Choir. Led by the invincible singer and scholar, Eugenia Georgieva. Ubiquitous, and unique, it seems that whichever project she turns her hand to, it’s always with a midas touch. From the Perunika Trio, to YANTRA, and now to her latest creation, formed by an outstanding group of Londoners, Eugenia unearths the striking Veda Slovena Bulgarian Choir.

Hear their first outing on radio right here on ‪#‎AWorldInLondon‬, and see them on stage soon at the Roundhouse on May 10th, and at The Forge with She’koyokh on June 11th!

You can listen to the whole programme presented by DJ Ritu online here.